"Reverb Writes" Pen Pal Program

"Reverb Writes" Pen Pal Program
“I’m so excited to be your pen pal!”
“Do you play video games like me?”
“I can’t wait to get to know you and grow an amazing friendship!”
“Let’s get Starbucks together! (Can you pay?)”

These are just a few lines from the dozens of letters exchanged between NHS high school students at Logos Prep Academy and 5th graders at Armstrong Elementary in Fort Bend ISD. The goal of Reverb’s pen pal program is to create a fun writing exercise while also facilitating relationships between young people from different walks of life. Reverb Writes facilitates a friendship that exposes younger students to examples of good grammar and language usage while allowing older students the opportunity to act as an encourager and role model.


Reverb staff met with teachers at both schools as well as the NHS students at their monthly meeting to explain the goal of the program. Older students then began by introducing themselves and asking questions in the first months of school. Each month Reverb staff helps courier the letters between schools so that they correspond back and forth each month. A celebration is planned in April so that pen pals get to meet and have a popsicle treat together!

The pen pal program is a great example of Reverb’s commitment to facilitating relationships and empowering young people. Students so often are willing to invest and can benefit so much from seeing the world outside their own experience, but every day life doesn’t always give them the opportunity to do so. Reverb empowers young people to see and serve by doing the behind-the-scenes work so kids can share life and show love.

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