"When you find yourself with more than enough...
build a longer table, not a higher fence."

Reverb's unique model for "building the table" includes empowering youth
SERVICE (volunteer opportunities) and ENTREPRENEURSHIP (creative fundraising).
See below for more info about both.


Reverb was founded on the principle that we are always better together. When faced with the challenges of the world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It can feel like there’s nothing one person can do to make a difference - especially if you are a young person. But when we work together, when we partner and start with one thing at a time, the possibilities are endless. 

Reverb’s unique model is to build partnerships with community organizations so that once the relationship is built and we learn what needs exist, we can create opportunities for students to serve. Our goal at Reverb is to do the legwork, foster the relationship and build trust so that we can create inroads for young people to come alongside our staff and take the reigns.

Examples of groups to serve together are:

  • Choir or sports team
  • GIrl/Boy Scout troop
  • NHS, 4H or other school organization
  • Church youth group

As a student or group, there are opportunities to partner with a school or organization on a long term, on-going basis or to volunteer for a single event or day of service. 

Examples of service opportunities include:

  • Packing bags for students with food insecurity to have over district holiday weekends
  • Assembling furniture for a youth shelter
  • Collecting and sorting needed toiletry items 
  • Reading to children on Saturday mornings
  • Yardwork for an underserved neighborhood

If you or your group would like more information about existing volunteer opportunities and/ or to register as a Reverb Partner, click the REGISTER link below.


In addition to traditional service opportunities, Reverb encourages students to use their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to raise funds for some of our on-going projects. This could be holding a neighborhood car wash, lemonade stand or donation drive to collect money and  needed items. 100% of any donations raised by our students goes directly to our community partners and their expressed needs. We would love to advertise and promote any fundraiser held to support Reverb initiatives, and we love to hear stories and see photos! 

Click here to see one of our students in action at a recent community fundraiser.

If you or your group would like more information about hosting a fundraiser, email us at or click HOST AN EVENT below.